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You and your loved ones will likely require medical care at some point in your lives. When getting that much-needed medical assistance, you trust your physicians and healthcare providers will care for you correctly, and that you'll leave the doctor's office or hospital healthier than when you arrived.

Unfortunately, things don't always happen that way. While highly educated, medical professionals like doctors, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, paramedics, nursing home workers, chiropractors, and even dentists are human, and can make devastating mistakes that can lead to death or disability, such as:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Incorrectly analyzing test results
  • Prescribing wrong dosages or the wrong medications 
  • Failing to provide adequate care
  • Not ordering certain tests and lab work
  • Making mistakes during medical processes and procedures like childbirth
  • Miscalculations or errors in administering anesthesia
  • Making errors in surgery
  • And more

Medical Malpractice Compensation

Also known as professional negligence, if you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, it's important that you contact medical malpractice lawyer Providence, Fred T. Polacek, immediately. You may be entitled to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, future expenses, and more.

The law has special rules when it comes to medical malpractice, including proving a negligent act or omission caused death or disability, and also filing a claim within the required time after the malpractice occurs. That's why it's critical that you contact Fred T. Polacek, an experienced medical malpractice attorney Rhode Island with the skill and knowledge to prove your case according to the special rules set forth by Rhode Island law.

Handling Your Medical Malpractice Claim

A Providence medical malpractice attorney with a long list of successfully settled medical malpractice cases, Fred T. Polacek will work diligently to get you the financial compensation you deserve. We'll first evaluate your case and determine exactly what happened during your medical care or treatment.

After determining you have a case for medical malpractice, we'll quickly begin collecting evidence, including having your records reviewed by medical experts. If we can't satisfactorily settle your claim with the hospital or insurance company out of court, we'll represent you and argue on your behalf in the courtroom to obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

It all begins with bringing any potential medical malpractice claim to the immediate attention of experienced medical malpractice lawyer Providence, Fred T. Polacek.

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