Medical Malpractice

  • 3,000,000: The doctor failed to fully investigate medications taken by client prior to a prostate procedure. Poor medical technique resulted in excessive bleeding and resultant death.

  • $1,800,000: Misdiagnosis – An 11-year-old child was taken to the Emergency Room showing signs of a severe respiratory ailment. He was diagnosed as having the flu and sent home by the Emergency Room doctor. The child actually had viral pneumonia and later passed away. 

Car Accidents

  • $11,000,000: A highway worker was struck by a rental vehicle. The hit resulted in paraplegic injury for the worker.
  • $500,000: Client was rear-ended by a hit and run driver. He suffered permanent injury and had to have back surgery. The case was settled out of court.
  • Plaintiff was driver and was struck broadside by vehicle negligently pulling out from a stop sign. Plaintiff injured his foot which was jammed into driving pedal in the accident. The injury was a torn tendon in his foot and he is a personal trainer. A foot surgeon testified that the injury was permanent and would require surgery to repair. The case was settled just prior to trial for the full policy limit of $300,000.00.
  • $100,000: An intersection collision resulted in client having to have injections for a serious neck injury.

  • Plaintiff was the driver of her car and was rear ended at a stop light in rural Massachusetts. The Plaintiff sustained a number of soft tissue injuries and an injury to her head. Plaintiff also sustained a shoulder injury which resulted in a rotator cuff repair. The case was settled for the Defendant’s policy limit of $100,000.00, The Plaintiff will be pushing the balance of her damages under the underinsured provisions of her own policy.

Personal Injury

  • 100 year old female bitten by neighbors dog. The Plaintiff was gardening out by her sidewalk when her neighbor came by while walking his dog on a leash. The neighbor allowed the dog to cross the sidewalk and attack the woman biting her on the upper inner thigh area. The dog had no history of aggressive behavior. The medical bills were $2,400.00 and the woman was left with a scar which was not visible when wearing clothing. The case was settled for $52,000.00 before trial